a perfect circle

And the stories we could tell! Hang on, for matter, the stories you tell us ... here's a few of them ...

Here's a place for all your R.E.M. related stories - go for it - always looking for new stories to add .. tell us at a gig sometime...

First times seeing R.E.M.

"I went to Balloch with my husband to see them. B&B put on a boat to cross Loch Lomand. Captain of boat got lost on the way there and ran us aground on the way back at 1am in the morning - had to wade through the water to shore! Gig was fantastic and I've been a fan ever since!!  

J Gray ( R.E.M. by Stipe gig at Marrs Bar, Worcester) Oct 2018

Here's  our Stipey, Rick waiting for Tom Sheehan to finish signing his book of R.E.M. photography.  Tom's book's available here and contains some rare and beautiful R.E.M. images.


7 Nov 2018

Here's first up then.  A regular venue for us - the lovely Witchwood in Ashton - (March 16th Next, tickets here) Director and Promoter Dennis - booked R.E.M. themselves once in Manchester in  the 1980s and paid them.  In cash.  £150 was it Dennis?