a performance from Stipe - the definitive tribute


You've landed here if you're looking to book the band.  We are the best tribute to the band that redefined rock. 


It's not a boast we make lightly; we're musicians and R.E.M. fans.  We know what it takes to be a good tribute. 


Our job? To transport music fans to a live experience that R.E.M. can no longer offer.

We've played large festivals, music venues across Europe and many private functions. Oh, and a cave and a railway carriage. 


If needed we can offer PA hire, lights and sound and lighting engineers.

Ongoing feedback? From fans of R.E.M who tell us that they came hoping for the best and weren't disappointed.  From venues where we've had repeat bookings for years.  From festivals that have us back even though they don't book the same bands twice.

Our manager becky is happy to answer any specific queries and can be contacted on or on 07771 512 152

We look forward to hearing from you.

becky, chris, rick, seán, vassilis