R.E.M. were Buck, Berry, Mills, Stipe.  R.E.M. HQ lives on here

Their first gig was 5 April 1980.  16 Albums if you include launch EP Chronic Town and they "called it a day" in September 2011. 


A musically shifting style, a constant reinvention that won many fans.

Post punk, alt rock, garage, grunge (on occasions), acoustic perfection, lyricism in the extreme, rock.  It's all here.

"The acceptable edge of the unacceptable edge fringe" according to lead guitarist Peter Buck.

We're fans, performing this tribute, because we love this music and adore performing it live. 

Whether YOU were there at the beginning or whether you've joined this caravan along the way YOU ARE welcome. 

Spread the word.  Share the web page, the photos, the tracks.  The gigs and shows.  That's what we are here for.  We don't bite, we talk after shows.  We do Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We've a contact form for bookings and pretty much anything else ...