Hey Guys, Thanks for a great gig last night. It was a fantastic set you played & so incredibly authentic too. As a drummer I was naturally listening to your drummer play his grooves & I think he did a great job, as did all the other musicians in the band. Thanks again, an insirational night of grreat music. 

Half Moon, Putney - 22 June 2019

Saw you boys (& girl) for the first time tonight (& it won't be the last) at Newcastle 02 & you were awesome!


Played some classic tracks & some I hadn't heard in decades! Sooo lookin' forward to seein' ya perform again!



From Peaky Blinders, Liverpool


To not email you (as a collective) would be an injustice. I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for you all performing, and giving those who will not have the chance to see R.E.M, the closest experience anyone will gain. All of you were perfectionists in recreating the look, the mannerisms, and of course, the music. It was great that you covered such a range of R.E.M's catalogue, from their earlier albums, such as Document, through to Green. It was also really appreciated that you performed songs you personally loved and held connection to, not just 'the hits'. You simultaneously managed to capture the raw emotion, as well as the punch in the more gritty, heavier sounding tracks. The fact you can convey this all live, and not with support, not only does yourself proud, but R.E.M justice, as well as continually reminding people why they fell in love with R.E.M in the first place. A truly amazing, immersive live performance. Thank you so much, for the experience, as well as the friendly welcome to talk, and even the chance to grab a photo; real people, real musicians. Thank you.

16 Feb, 2018

I just wanted to drop you note to say how much I enjoyed the gig in Nottingham last night. It was great to hear stuff from early in R.E.M.’s career, particularly Gardening at Night and Radio Free Europe. I had a lot of fun last night, reflected obviously in your singer’s stage performance, which was wonderful. Particular highlights for me were Fall On Me (how was this not a huge hit?), Driver 8 and the megaphone for Orange Crush. Thanks again, from Nottingham.  Glee Club, Nottingham 16 Nov.

23 March - feedback from The Globe, Cardiff


"Got to say that that was a top performance, all the hits but a few golden oldies thrown in (Gardening at Night, Begin the Begin, etc.) which caused me to have a massive back catalogue binge over the weekend. REM were unique, irreplaceable, f****** brilliant - had the good fortune to see them on four occasions. Only been lucky enough to see you once, and I just felt the need to tell you how close you are to the 'real thing'. We all had a fantastic night - all down to you - can't wait until you're back this way again. Please make it soon."

August 2018, Manchester


"Just wanted to say a few words to you all.  I got to to see you a few weeks ago.

I've been a huge fan of R.E.M for as long as I can remember!! They have resonated with me pretty much all my late teenage and adult life I'm now 46. And you guys blew me away. I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much purely because how the hell can a tribute come close!!!! But boy oh boy you delivered.


I was more than a little upset when I heard Michael and the boys were deciding to call it a day. But man you brought me back

What you guys do is phenomenal. Richard has Michael down pat. Vocally, visually and mannerisms. I've not been able to stop thinking of that performance! I was that impressed. For that I thank you. I'll look forward to listening to you again."

"I feel totally moved to email you and express how much my husband and I enjoyed last night gig at the fisher theatre... a dedicated REM fan club. Honesty now, I've only ever followed the obvious hits ... However, your performance not only touched me but made me aware of the brilliance of the band and equally your tribute to them. I am humbled today watching videos and recognising your attention to detail. Bless you x I cannot wait to see you again. Much love and respect"

Fisher Theatre 21st October 2017

As a huge R.E.M fan I can tell you they are really good and more, I don't say this lightly either. If you appreciate a band who put their heart an soul into giving you an R.E.M experience then go and see and support them you will not be disappointed.


I wasn't expecting it to be authentic whatsoever but boy was I wrong. Richard is perfect, his subtle mannerisms and stage presence is superb. I highly recommend you go and see this awesome band.

And I don't mean a disservice to the boys in the band either, they nail it too, but Richard is the draw no doubt about it. He's amazing... like watching Michael Stipe himself.

Liam, October 2018