a performance from Stipe

the definitive tribute

R.E.M. performed by Stipe - the definitive tribute

Unplugged Set : Electrolite - The Brindley Theatre 2021

R.E.M. Unplugged


Two famous M.T.V. sessions.


Stripped back -  R.E.M. - achingly sweet melody and the bones of the songs laid bare for all to see.

We've done much acoustic work - as contrast against electric sets, for weddings and birthdays and for our dedicated theatre audience.

it gives us an opportunity to make the songs truly elemental - all the components of R.E.M.'s song writing talent opened up and visible.  It pools all our skills, years of experience and brings the tracks to audiences who knew R.E.M. from the eighties and those who are listening with fresh ears; new to the band.


American rooted rock, home grown like punk, folk boned and just as intuitive - R.E.M. continues to inspire audiences across the world.  Their mix of politics and passion remain as relevant to music lovers today as through their forty year career.

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R.E.M. Unplugged MTV 1991