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a performance from Stipe

NOT TO BE MISSED by any serious or casual R.E.M. listener - they will never disappoint at any venue. I’ve been going to see them for 12 years + and had to traveled in some extreme weather to do so  -  Jane

As a huge REM fan who managed to see the band live a fair few times I can highly recommend STIPE as an amazing alternative! The band do a fabulous job and it’s obvious they also love the music too. Friendly and welcoming to the gigs myself and my sister look forward to seeing STIPE at as many Scottish gigs as we can. Thanks again guys you are awesome 😎 - Lynn

Went to see this band in Whelans as I'm a big R.E.M. fan and didn't know what to expect. Their  presence on stage is energetic and it's like watching Michael Stipe and the band. The singer Richard must have studied Michael Stipe because he has him to a tee; the moves, dancing and of course the singing. 


If you are an R.E.M. fan you won't be disappointed,or if you're looking for a goodnight out they are a must see!!!

- Paddy

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